Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long time no see

Wow how time flies! I'm just going to picture dump and try and fill in a few things that have happened.

We got through tax season! Yay! John really worked hard and sacrificed a lot to try and be in two places at once. I knew he needed to be at work but I always wanted him home. I'm glad it's over for another 7 months. 

We had our first restaurant outing. We took Spencer down to City Creek after it opened and did some window shopping and went to the Cheesecake Factory. He just sat wide awake in his car seat the whole time and didn't make a peep. What a gem. Speaking of gems, John bought me a ring that day. I didn't have a wedding band when we got married and I always told him he could just buy me a ring for my right hand when we had our first baby. I was joking, but he wasn't. I love it! It's an aquamarine (Spencer's birthstone) and there is a whole sneaky story that goes along with the purchase. He's a tricker.

We went up to Boise at the end of April for a tennis tournament with the girls. He was a total dream on the drive and the whole time we were there. He even had the perfect outfit for the occasion (plus we have it in 6 month and 12 month size!)

He likes his swing for short amounts of time. I wish he would sit there for longer but he has about a 15 minute time limit for everything. Swing, bouncer, bumbo, jungle mat...

Jake got the math award for his 2nd grade class this year. I was surprised...I didn't know he liked math all that much. Good thing John is smart because I think Jake will pass me in math knowledge at around 5th grade... 

I have other pictures from Spencer's blessing that I will post eventually but I have to get them from my mom and John's brother. He looked so handsome but I was so paranoid that he was going to poop on his white outfit, that's why the shorts are already off in these pictures. John gave him a great blessing and we were so lucky to have so many great friends and family there.

This is what Jake's face looks like when he plays sports. All sports.

We went to Colorado to visit my brother and sister at the beginning of June. He was awesome on the drive there, but the way home was a little more difficult. 9 hours is a long time to ask someone to sit strapped to a seat. We hit a HORRIBLE storm on the drive there-rain, hail, wind, name it. To top it off the truck had some troubles when we were about 20 minutes from their house so we drove the rest of the way on back roads through Denver going less than 20 miles an hour. Luckily because of the storm, no one was going any faster! Jake got to play with his cousins and grandma bought Spencer his first swimsuit. We only put his feet in though because we didn't have any swim diapers.

The Colorado fires were just breaking out as we were on our way home...

We spent a few days in Bear Lake with grandma and grandpa so dad could stay home and get some work done. He just always wants to be home with us! I'm a bad mom and Spencer got his first sunburn on his face. Go me!

First time actually IN the pool! I don't know if he loved it, but he didn't fuss at all. Just floated around with dad for about 20 minutes before he started to get cold. I didn't want to change him and put his clothes all back on to go home and take a bath so we just bundled him in a towel and locked him in the car seat. Luckily we were only about 2 minutes from our house. 

You wouldn't think so from this picture, but he doesn't love tummy time. He does however love to roll from his back to his tummy-he just can't flip back over so then he gets angry. The last few nights he has been rolling over and sleeping on his stomach though. Good for him, but I just sit awake in bed and watch the monitor to make sure he is still breathing. He started 'sleeping through the night' when we got back from Denver-about 15 weeks. I feed him and put him down around 10 PM and he sleeps until about 8. Eventually we will work to an earlier bedtime, but this works for now. Summer is too hard to try and be home by 8 every night. Plus I know how temporary this is. In a week we will probably have a different schedule or he will start waking up again. I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

John wallpapered the upstairs bathroom. Yay! And he drew that picture of Spencer that is on the counter. He super duper.

And last, I can't believe this little stinker is going to be 8 in a few weeks. I have an almost 8 year old. It's crazy! He is such a good big brother. He loves to play with Spencer and try and make him laugh. We are getting smiles a lot more but so far he has only laughed 3 or 4 times. We must not be that funny!

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